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Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines the elements of ballet, gymnastics, theatrical dance and apparatus manipulation. A beautiful sport, it is also considered one of the most complex in the athletic world.

The sport of rhythmic gymnastics has five different apparatus: ribbon, rope, clubs, hoops and ball. The athletes learn and perform with all of these five apparatus. With each one of the apparatus the athletes execute tosses and different tricks coordinated with body movements and elements. Besides the five apparatus, there are different groups of body elements: leaps, balances, pivots, flexibility, apparatus handling and artistic effect. Every routine that an athlete performs has to include each one of these body elements.

Class Structure

The CYC Rhythmic Gymnastics Program focuses on both recreational and competitive activities. The program starts with beginning rhythmic classes and the athletes can progressively advance to the team level. The program levels include:

  • Beginning Rhythmic
  • Intermediate Rhythmic
  • Advanced Rhythmic
  • Pre-team
  • Young Talent
  • Team - Levels 3-10

By having different levels, the rhythmic program develops students in a safe and healthy way, in addition to helping students set personal goals for themselves and teaching them the core values of commitment and discipline. Over the past five years, the rhythmic competitive team has had much success with numerous state, regional and national rhythmic gymnastics champions being crowned.


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