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If variety is the “spice of life,” then you will relish
the Community Youth Center.  From the young boxer or wrestler to the aspiring dancer, gymnast or cheerleader to the martial arts enthusiast, there is something for everybody at the CYC.  If you’re a nature lover and treasure the great outdoors, or you enjoy reading, writing or exploring the academic world, the CYC has it all.

The CYC offers 10 recreational programs including
boxing, wrestling, judo, taekwondo, gymnastics, rhythmic gymnastics, dance, cheerleading and sport specific conditioning.  It also offers an outdoor activities program where students can take excursions to various points of interest throughout the Bay Area and Northern California
to learn more about the environment and what they can do to preserve it.  All of these programs are augmented with the Academic Excellence Center where students can
do homework on their own, or get help from tutors.

The best thing is you don’t have to settle for only one program.  The CYC model offers and encourages kids to participate in several different programs.   Schedules are flexible and variety helps prevent staleness or burnout within a single program.  Youth should be encouraged to participate in multiple activities to diversely develop their motor skills. Participating in multiple enriching activities
at a young age helps set foundations for healthy lifestyles going forward.

Thus, the CYC promotes variety – yet, structure, discipline and order in a young person’s life.  The ultimate goal of the CYC is to teach youth basic core values for developing inner strength and self confidence to become good people with high character.

To learn more about the programs offered at the CYC, just click on the specific program link. 

Once involved in the CYC's various athletic programs, we help the students balance their educational and sport activities by providing an environment suitable for educational activities. More >

The CYC boxing program is the cornerstone and oldest program at the Center. Over the years, the CYC has produced some outstanding boxers and continues to do so today. More >

Becoming a part of a cheerleading team teaches the girls about teamwork, sportsmanship, discipline, desire, leadership, time management... More >

The CYC dance program features a variety of dance classes for youth. Ballet is the foundation of the CYC program, and thus the majority of classes reflect opportunities with ballet training. More >

In the CYC gymnastics program, we strive to "fall-proof" children so they learn to jump and land correctly. We "armor" each child with body awareness and improved self-esteem while creating success opportunities for them in our programs. More >

Judo is a fun sport, a physical and mental discipline, a martial art form, a recreational activity, a means of self-defense, a fitness program. More >

The CYC Outdoor Activities program is designed to provide youth with a rare opportunity to enjoy the great outdoors and all its benefits. The CYC aspires to give kids an appreciation for nature and teach them the importance of its conservation and further preservation. More >

Rhythmic gymnastics is a sport that combines the elements of ballet, gymnastics, theatrical dance and apparatus manipulation. More >

The Sports Specific Conditioning (SSC) Program offers various options to CYC members. As a support program, young athletes and students from CYC can train specifically as a supplement to their sport, or their general lifestyle. More >

Taekwondo is a Korean martial art that emphasizes kicking techniques but also includes many hand strikes and other movements. More >

The CYC wrestling program offers young athletes the opportunity to participate and excel in one of the world's oldest sports. More >

December 2013

From the Campus Manager

CYC will be closed as follows for the holidays:

Christmas - Closed Tuesday Dec 24 and Wednesday Dec 25

New Years - Closed Tuesday Dec 31 and Wednesday Jan 1

We wish you a very happy Holiday Season!